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Marcel Cardona Cervantes & Co. is well established in Belize Practice based in Orange Walk Northern Belize with more than 14 years of experience. We specialise in a wide array of legal services and pride ourselves on professional, confidential, and long-lasting relationships with our clients and the community.

Marcel Cardona Cervantes & Co. was founded in Orange Walk Town following the obvious need to make legal services more accessible to members of the general public in the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts of Northern Belize, the Law Firm of Marcel Cardona Cervantes & Co. was established, and opened its doors to the general public in Belize, in the year 2003 by its founding partner Mr. Marcel Cardona Cervantes, Attorney-at-Law & Notary Public, some four years following Mr. Marcel Cardona Cervantes' admission to practice law in Belize.
The Law Firm of Marcel Cardona Cervantes & Co. prides itself in serving from its establishment in the year 2003, the hard-working residents of the Northern districts of Orange Walk and Corozal in Belize. The Law Firm of Marcel Cardona Cervantes & Co. currently is staffed by one Attorney-at-Law & Notary Public, in the person of Mr. Marcel Cardona Cervantes, and four staff members, namely: Ms. Hadith Sosa – Law Office Manager and Administrator; Mr. Gregorio Manuel Patt – Legal Assistant and Real Estate Analyst; Ms. Lenira Dominguez – Legal Secretary and Receptionist and Ms. Chanelle K. Lizarraga – Legal Assistant and Analyst.
The Law Firm of Marcel Cardona Cervantes & Co. Attorneys-at-Law & Notaries Public offers professional legal services to the general public in the form of a General Legal Practice, but with a focus in Corporate Legal Services including procurement of Incorporations of Local and Foreign Companies, Personal and Corporate Financing Arrangements, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate and Real Estate Development, Notarial Services, Drafting of Contracts, Wills, Agreements for Sale of both Real Estate and Personal Property, Consultancy Services in representing clients before the relevant Governmental Authorities, including the Immigration and Nationality Department in applications for Permanent Residence and Nationality, and the Labour Department in Applications for Work Permits, and the Belize Tourism Board in Applications under the Qualified Retired Persons Program, etc.
With its Principal Partner’s almost 18 years of experience in the practice of law, and about 14 years of practice from its office in Orange Walk Town, the Law Firm of Marcel Cardona Cervantes is the premiere law firm hailing directly from Orange Walk Town in the Northern portion of Belize. The Law Firm of Marcel Cardona Cervantes & Co. acts in conjunction with the Professional Consultancy firm and Real Estate Agency - ABLE Professional Consultants Corp.

Mr. Marcel Porfirio Cardona Cervantes, born in 1974 in Orange Walk, Belize was admitted to the Bar and enrolled as Attorney-At-Law of the Supreme Court of Belize on 25th of November, 1999 being only 25 years of age. He was then the first Belizean born and raised in Orange Walk and the youngest Belizean ever admitted to the Bar. Mr. Cardona graduated from the University of West Indies Barbados Campus, with a Bachelor of Law (Honours) Degree in 1997, and the Norman Manley Law School in Kingston Jamaica with the Certificate in Legal Education in September of 1999. He began his legal studies participating as a student in the UWI long distance Challenge Programme, which he successfully completed in 1995. On April 25th of 2000 he Obtained LICENCE TO PRACTICE AS A NOTARY PUBLIC following appointment as a Notary Public by the Prime Minister of Belize Rt. Hon. Said W. Musa.
Marcel started his career as a lawyer in the Legal Department of Carlisle Holdings Limited where he specialised in the practice on International Commercial Law, Corporate Legal services, Offshore Financial services (including local and foreign incorporations and establishment of trust instruments), Estate Planning, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, etc.
In 2003 – 2004 Marcel worked as an Attorney-at-Law & Notary Public at the Law Firm of Lois Young Barrow & Co. in Belize City, where gained experience in advocacy and civil litigation, including Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Incorporations of Companies and establishments of Trusts, and Family Law. In 2004 Marcel opened own Legal Practice back in his native Orange Walk - Law Firm of Marcel Cardona Cervantes & Co. Attorneys-at-Law & Notaries Public as a General Legal Practice but with a focus in Corporate Legal Services, including procurement of incorporations of Local and Foreign Companies, Real Estate and Real Estate Development, Notarial Services, Drafting of Contracts, Wills, Agreements for Sale of both Real Estate and Personal Property, Consultancy Services in representing clients before the relevant Governmental Authorities, including the Immigration and Nationality Department in applications for Permanent Residence and Nationality, and the Labour Department in Applications for Work Permits, and the Belize Tourism Board in Applications under the Qualified Retired Persons Program, etc.
However at that time he could not have simply stayed in his Law Practice. Ever since early youth Marcel always wanted to make a difference. Thus he joined the politics as a member of the Opposition Party (UDP back in 2003). In February 2003 Marcel was appointed as a Member of the Property Tax Appeal Board for Orange Walk Town.
On March 25, 2003 Mr. Cardona was appointed, by the Governor General of Belize, as a SENATOR of the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF BELIZE on the advice of the then Leader of the Opposition, following the General Election held on March 5, 2003 and served in this capacity till 2006.
During the General Election held on February 7, 2008 Marcel was duly elected as the AREA REPRESENTATIVE for the ORANGE WALK EAST ELECTORAL CONSTITUENCY in the Orange Walk District of Belize following his appointment on February 13, 2008 as a Member of Belize’s Cabinet with portfolio as the MINISTER with responsibility for YOUTH, SPORTS and CULTURE in Belize, where he served until 2010 when he decided to retire from politics and continue to serve his constituents as a Legal Practitioner.
Still from 2009 through 2012 Marcel served as a Member of the Board of Directors of “FRIENDS OF BELIZE” – a Non-Governmental Organisation promoting the improvement of commercial, economic, social, and cultural ties between Belize, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom, with distinguished participation of the Former Ambassador of the United States of America to Belize Robert Dieter, and the Former British High Commissioner to Belize H.C. Phillip Priestley.
Marcel is well known in the country and well respected in Orange Walk Attorney with deep ties to community he has unbeatable reputation of the lawyer who "stands up for people"! His office is never absent of the clients who come to seek his legal advice, help or just chat about life, and Marcel manages accommodate everybody in his busy schedule.

Hadith Sosa is the Manager and Office Administrator

Team 1
Hadith has been working for Marcel Cardona Cervantes and Co. since around September of 2010 after she had graduated in 2009 from University of Belize with a Bachelor's of Arts in English. Before that she had finished her studies at Muffles Junior College with Associates Degree in General Studies and Major in Biology.
Hadith is deeply involved with social services - in 2008-2010 she was a board member of the Social Investment Fund in Belmopan representing the Youth’s Commission. She assisted in evaluating and approving projects aimed enhancing Education, Health, Skills Training, and improving infrastructure. From 2014 through 2016 Hadith has been elected Secretary of Prosperity Cooperative (a Cooperative established in Orange Walk Town to assist low income women for them to become entrepreneurs and ensure their enterprise sustainability). Her duties included assisting Cooperative Department workshops, Expos, Managing Cooperative and representing Cooperative in Social Activities and trainings.
Since 2010 through 2016 Hadith was working with Marcel Cardona Cervantes & Co. and until Gregorio Patt had joined the team was the only person that started working with Marcel in 2010 after he re-opened his Practice retiring from politics. Hence, she had to multi-task as Paralegal, Secretary, Office Admin and Accountant.
Hadith has been responsible for Firm's Finances, Payroll and Employees Management, business relations with foreign clients - Individuals and Organisations and ensuring smooth foreign transactions with Central Bank of Belize and different legal entities of Belize including Magistrate Courts, Supreme Courts, General Registry of Belize as well as Government Departments. She has been a true "Jack of All Trades" also holding certification in Accounting and Financial Statements along with superb Computer skills.
Hadith has been a resourceful manager in time of high demand and provided training for new employees. Starting this year she is trying to delegate her Law Firm management responsibilities to other team members and focusing on steering a new company - the professional consultancy firm and Real Estate Agency of ABLE Professional Consultants Corp.

Lenira Dominguez - Our Receptionist and Executive Assistant

Team 2
Lenira Dominguez is an aspiring young lady. Her amiable personality makes her an excellent Receptionist and Secretary. In her younger years she was an active member of the Mercy Youth group and helped organising many activities and social events, her favourite being the Christmas social for young children. She was also formed part of the Student Government of 2009 at Muffles High School and was on a working scholarship for those four years showing her exemplary determination. Lenira has been with the Firm for only a short time but already made herself a valuable member of the team. She handles the Reception, meets the clients, sets up appointments and acts as Ms. Sosa's assistant gradually taking more responsibilities of the Law Office Management. Lenira is a loving mom to her young baby boy, Christopher.
In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, listening to music and finding new and innovative parenting techniques.

Gregorio Patt is the Our Legal Assistant and Real Estate Analyst

Team 3
Gregorio has known Marcel Cardona for years but officially started working for the Marcel Cardona Cervantes & Co. in 2011 firstly as a office runner then as an office assistant with specific obligations in doing all the running around at the Lands Department and Belize City Court Registry. Nowadays Gregorio is acting as Legal Assistant for Mr. Cardona and liaises with many Governmental bodies including the Lands Department and Immigration. Gregorio is extremely savvy, efficient and experienced in many areas of business and has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to assist in most legal and land transactions; he admits he has learned a lot over these past years from Mr. Cardona and the work he has been assigned to do.
Now, also employed with ABLE Professional Consultants Corp. he is even more involved in Real Estate market analysis and Real Estate deals. Gregorio is exceptionally sweet person and enthusiastic gardener.

Chanelle Lizarraga - Our Legal Assistant and Analyst

Team 4
Chanelle Lizarraga was born and raised in the beautiful Orange Walk District. Six years of her life, however, were spent traveling daily to and from the City of Belize where she attended Pallotti High School and earned the prestige of being the Salutatorian of her graduating year. She later went on to further her studies at St. John’s College Junior College where she graduated from with Honours in History and Economics. More than just passionate about giving back to the community and making a difference, she is a firm believer of the motto, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. She is a proud and active member in the Rotaract Club of Orange Walk which aims at professional development for young individuals and community service. Her ardent character and her enthusiasm (especially for the things she loves: for instance her country Belize, the latest world news, and politics) are some of the qualities that set her apart from many young persons. Chanelle is fascinated by World History and even wanted becoming an Archaeologist, she loves music, water activities and traveling. She hopes to continue her studies in neighboring Mexico in the near future with the encouragement of loving family members and friends. Chanelle is planning to get a degree in International Business given the constant demand for expertise in knowledge of global and international markets and which is an advantage to those working in the law field and almost any business agencies or corporations.
Chanelle is the youngest and newest team member and juggling responsibilities of Legal Assistant, Business and Real Estate Analyst working for ABLE Professional Consultants Corp.

What we believe in? What motivates us? Providing the best service possible to our clients. We love to serve and help. Life is hard enough and the thought that we can make a difference assisting people in their Legal, Professional and other Life situations MOTIVATES US!
We are experienced enough Firm to handle various complex cases, but we are relatively small to manage devoting each of you our full attention and welcoming you as a friend here.

Hadith with the Firm's long time client.

Team 1

Gregorio is helping a client with Real Estate transaction closing.

Team 2

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